Started to provide services in dental field in 2001, Öner Ltd. Sti. has successfully completed its stable growth aimed at managing the needs of the sector and technological developments in parallel to the research and development activities carried out in place and on time. With this vision it has taken its place among the leading companies in the sector. Öner Ltd. Sti. By combining 13 years of experience with the fast technological developments offered by the modern age, we are making distributorships of leading brands with the aim of presenting portfolio options for all needs to your esteemed offerings in time and place. Thanks to its experienced and reliable sales team, web-based procurement capabilities, and high quality customer service network, we have been able to meet all the needs of our customers and benefit from the support of competitive global markets. Öner Ltd. We have a long service life guaranteeing customer satisfaction by guaranteeing long term business cooperation to our customers by giving service to our customers with a display of the product options we have created in our 13 years time period, display units where maintenance and repair activities are carried out, training rooms, training rooms and superior service understanding. . In line with our philosophy that we have set out since our establishment, our company will continue to offer the most innovative services in the sector without compromising on quality, respect, reliability and quality in all standards.

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